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Half a Cup of Sand and Sky

Resonating with tenderness, HALF A CUP OF SAND AND SKY is a moving portrait of one woman’s search for love and belonging cast against a nuanced backdrop of political turmoil.


Praise for Half a Cup of Sand and Sky

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Our Story

Founded in 2022, we are an independent book publisher that publishes high-quality, socially engaged fiction. Our books are thoughtful and emotionally powerful, with strong narratives and unique voices that have something to say about the human condition and our world. We strive to publish novels that matter and that remain with you long after the last word has been read.


What Sets Us Apart

One good story is a little like planting one alder tree. The soil-enriching alder is not the first tree you notice in an area, nor are socially engaged stories the quick, sensationalist reads that grab the top spot on bestseller lists. Their value is deeper than that.
They are the kind of books that hit you in that soft spot. Maybe you close your eyes. Maybe you turn the book over in your lap. The book has brought you to a new, unexpected place, and like a good friend, it will stay with you long after the last word has been read.
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